Yesterday I attended a seminar on social media that was put on by a wonderful local organization SCORE.  They are a mentoring organization comprised of retired business folks who want to give back.  I can not speak highly enough of this organization.  They are a true inspiration to those who they are trying to help.

One of the sections was on blogging.  The presenter recommended that blogging is a great way to show your expertise.  That most bloggers are experts in their field.  So it got me to thinking, what makes an expert?  

I believe that as potters, artists, those creative souls who put their talents out there to be viewed, purchased, critiqued, and praised are experts in the field of mankind and what pleases the soul.  

So, although I don't consider myself an expert in pottery or ceramics, it is this medium that fills my spirit and my soul at times.  It gives me great pleasure to create something with my hands, that brings smiles and joy to those who wander across it.

And with that in mind, I will continue to blog.


Engaging with clay

Fellow Potters…I’ve read your blog posts, Facebook postings, Instagram messages and have been inspired beyond words. My appreciation of your work is measured beyond words. You all inspire me every day to reach new heights. Thank you!

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Living with your own artwork

It’s no surprise that I love “stuff,” and as an interior decorator, I have amassed quite of a bit of it. Some days it feels like too much, and other days it looks like there’s room for just one more piece of something.

So the question is, how many of you fellow artists decorate with your own artwork? Can you live with it without critiquing it every time you look at it?

Personally, I can live with my own artwork, as long as it isn’t a focal-point piece. In fact, I rather enjoy having pieces around me that I have spent time making. They’re like old friends, very faithful and familiar old friends.

This little rooster keeps me company at breakfast. Cockle doodle doo! 

This little rooster keeps me company at breakfast. Cockle doodle doo! 

The white pears sit nicely with other white "stuff"

The white pears sit nicely with other white "stuff"

The Studio

The studio is absolutely my happy place. It can be neat and orderly (rare), and it can be a mess (often), but it always feels wonderful being there. I wish I could record the quiet from inside, but the sounds outside my windows are really what help me calm down enough to work and create. I am surrounded by some of nature’s most tranquil songs- singing birds and running water.

I’m currently working on some new pieces that take some concentration, but I will post more when they are finished.